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Concert Review & Photos - Nonpoint

House of Blues - San Diego, California, 3/20

As I entered the House of Blues on Sunday evening, I eagerly anticipated Nonpoint hitting the stage.  Over the past few years, I had heard great things about the band and always wanted to see them live.  Unfortunately, timing was never in my favor and I always missed out when they rolled through town.   Instead, I had to rely on their extensive catalog (which BTW dates back to 1997) to keep me rocking!

As I entered the pit area, I could feel that this show was going to be special.  The crowd was amped, the venue packed, and an electricity filled the air that I had not felt at a concert in some time.  As people waited in anticipation for the show to begin, I could not help but wonder if these guys would live up to my high expectations (who really does these days?).  At that moment, the lights dropped and this sold-out crowd went absolutely crazy.  Imagine this,  going from 0 to 100mph in seconds.  This is what it felt like on the floor at the House of Blues -  this what I came for!

As I mentioned earlier, Nonpoint has an extensive catalog of work that spans nearly 20 years.  Their set-list covered every aspect of their amazing and storied history.  Standards like "What a Day", "Miracle", & Breaking Skin" spun concert goers into a near frenzied state.  Then,  just when you thought you couldn't take anymore, they break into an amazing cover of Phil Collins'  "In the Air Tonight".  Finally, they ended their set with one of my favorite songs, "Bullet With a Name".  There could not have been a better ending to this powerful set.

When the dust had settled and everyone was back on solid ground, I finally had a chance to collect my thoughts.  Did Nonpoint live up to all the hype and exceed my expectations?  One word - Absolutely!!   Elias Soriano (Vocals), BC Kochmit (Guitar) , Rasheed Thomas (Guitar), Robb Rivera (Drums), and Adam Woloszyn (Bass) put on a show for the ages.  Their brand of metal mixes melody with a heaviness that has been sustained over time.  Their tracks keep getting louder,  and their lyrics more refined and meaningful.   If you have a chance to see Nonpoint on their "Storm Between the Storm" Tour, by all means buy a ticket and see them live.  This show is not to be missed.

Stay Frosty and Rock On!